The Offer of Heaven

After my first encounter with Mr. Rayburn, I was unable to stop thinking of ways to misbehave so he would punish me. The second infraction occurred during lunch.

A classmate, Monica, tripped me as I was walking to my table with my tray of food. I land face first into my tray of food. The entire lunchroom erupts into laughter. I slowly rise, wipe the food from my face and turn to face her.

“What are you looking at you damn freak?” She asks me, her tone nasty and evil. A blinding rage began to build inside of me. I turn as if to walk away, suddenly I struck her with all my strength. She falls to the floor in a heap, but I don’t stop. I jump on top of her punching her in the face and head.

By this time, the other students have gathered around us.
They are chanting, “Beat her ass! Beat her ass!” This, only fuels my rage. I hit her repeatedly. Striking her in the nose and in the mouth so many times she is bleeding profusely.

She is trying to shield her face from my repeated blows, but that only pushes me to punch her harder. My fists are throbbing with pain, but pain is what I live for. The enjoyment I feel is sheer heaven. I continue to hit her unable to stop myself. I begin to think that I want to kill her for embarrassing me. I know if someone doesn’t stop me soon, I will. I hear the voices of several classmates as they come towards us.

Suddenly, I feel several strong sets of hands pull me off of her. As they pull me away, I’m still kicking and punching. I strike one student in the face, and another I kick in the shin. I’m kicking and screaming so hard that they can barely hold onto my slight frame. Once I am finally free of her, I hear a familiar voice from behind me.
Just the sound if his voice calms my rage and fuels my desire.

Mr. Rayburn walks calmly around in front of me. He glares at me. My submissive instincts take over, and I immediately bow my head a contrite look crosses my face. I hear him take a gasp of air as he sees my position.

He leans in close so no one can hear as he whispers “You’ve been a bad girl Leila. I think you need to be punished.” I feel all of the air escape from my lungs at the mention of punishment. I close my eyes and allow his words and the sound of his voice envelope me in serenity. I fondly remember my last punishment and the joy that it brought.

My heart starts to pound, and I can feel myself breathing faster. He tells the students to let me go that he will take care if my punishment. As is protocol, we make a quick stop by the principal’s office. As I walk silently beside him with my head bowed not a word spoken between us, I can feel my body tingling from head to toe from the sexual tension

Once we are inside the principals office, I sit quietly in the office while the two men discuss the incident and how best to punish me. The principal wants to expel me seeing as how this is my second time fighting. My eyes are now fixated on the floor, but when I hear the principal mention expulsion I jerk my head up to look at them both. I want to say something but Mr. Rayburn glares at me which makes me instantly bow my head again.

They argue for what seems like an eternity as I sit patiently waiting for a decision to be made. Mr. Rayburn finally convinces the principal not to expel me, and relief washes over my body. I slump back into the chair, and I am suddenly grateful that Mr. Rayburn is such a good friend.

The principal dismisses us both and we exit his office, and begin walking down the cling hallway towards Mr. Rayburn’s office in the back of the gym. Once inside, he closes the door and the atmosphere in the room becomes electrically charged. Just being inside of his office puts me instantly at peace.

I stand silently in front of his with my head bowed, anxiously awaiting his command. My body is literally jumping with anticipation. My heart is pounding, my palms are sweaty and even my knees are weak.

He walks around to stand in front of me, and there is a look of pure sin in his face. He places two fingers under my chin, lifts it slightly so I am forced to look directly into his eyes.

“I have a proposition for you Leila.” His tone is commanding and smooth. Instantly, my heart begins to pound so hard that I think its going to burst right out of my chest.

Every cell in my body leaps to attention, and my breathing becomes more rapid. I want to speak but my brain won’t form any words. My hands long to reach and touch his face, but I’m not sure that wouldn’t be allowed.

Finally, my brain begins to work again, and I respond in a soft voice. “What is your proposition Sir?” I find myself gasping for air as an evil, yet playful smirk spreads across his face.

“We have become quite good friends, and I very much enjoyed our last encounter. I would like to take our relationship to the next level if you will. I have an idea my pet. I would like to speak with you about becoming my submissive.”

As soon as those words leave his mouth, my heart flip-flops so hard that i fear it will stop beating altogether. All the air leaves my lungs and my body becomes numb. I back away from him desperately trying to find the chair I know is behind me. I practically fall into it and immediately bury my face in my hands. It feels as though I’m going to pass out.

He walks over to the chair, kneels down in front of me and pulls my hands from my face. He tries to make eye contact, but I can’t look at him because I’m suddenly afraid of him. I have no fucking idea what the hell a submissive is, and I’m not so sure I want to know.

He tilts my chin up so that he can look in my eyes as he speaks, and I can hear concern in his voice. “I can see that you are afraid, but I’m not exactly sure of what. Tell me what scares you, Leila.” His face is so close to mine I can’t breathe. I am utterly speechless.

“Do you have any idea how much I want you at this moment?” His voice is soothing as he gently tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “The things I can show you. The places I can take you. I know your affection for pain. I understand it more than you know. Do you know what a submissive is?”

I shake my head no, and he rises rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He walks around to fire up his computer, ” Let’s look at this together. I’m going to introduce you to my world.”

Instantly, he begins to type something into the search engine. When he’s reached the website he motions for me to come to the computer, and I comply even though everything in my body is telling me to get the fuck out of here fast.

He stands to allow me to sit then kneels beside me on the floor pointing to some images on the screen.

“This is what I am asking of you” he says. I look at the screen and the images there do nothing to quell my fear. I look at image after image and read the captions, all the while my instincts are telling me I’m a goddamn fool for staying this long.

“I am sure you have questions, and I can answer anything you would like to know.” We sit there for seems like an eternity, and finally he closes the webpage down. He turns the chair so I am facing him and he takes a slow deep breath. I am unable to look at him knowing the manner of things he wants to do to me scares the living shit out of me.

I sit there silent, stunned and dazed. But his words startle me out of my trance. “Leila, so help me God if you don’t say something right now I will take back my proposition,” he says in a loud commanding voice.

Although I am terrified at the things I have seen, I want this more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. Finally I find my voice, I have so many questions, “Why me? Why do you do this? The things I saw scared the shit out of me. Why do you like to do this to women?”

He sighs and rises to his feet. He walks away running his hands through his hair as he begins to pace around the room. I realize he’s angry, but I have to wonder why? He told me to ask any questions that I may have.

He turns back and walks towards me then kneels down in front of me again. “Its the way I am. I have a need to inflict pain, and you have a need to receive it. We are perfectly suited for each other, Leila.”
He takes a key from his pocket and unlocks a desk drawer. He then takes a stack of papers out and hands them over to me. “This is a contract. A list of rules I need for you to comply to, and there is a list of my hard and soft limits. Take them home, read through them and do some more research. I want you well informed as to the decision you are about to make. It is not one to be taken lightly. Have you ever had sex before?”

His question takes me by surprise, and I can feel myself blushing. “I will take that as a no. Well, we can continue if you wish but you must decide if I am who you want to give your virginity to” he says as a matter of factually.

I know without a doubt that this man is the only man I have ever connected with. Sadly, even my own father I loath. I feel myself relax, and I am finally able to look at him again. My hands are shaking uncontrollably as I speak,”I very much want you to be that person., but I am scared. This is so new to me, but I will do the research and read your contract.”

He lets out a long breath as if he’s been holding it in forever. He nods and again rises to his feet. I stand with him, unsure if my legs will hold me up. He looks at me as he gently brushes his fingers along my jaw. His touch seems to ignite every fiber of my being.

“Well then my pet, I believe you should go and do your homework. I expect you to give this your undivided attention. You can take as long as you like, but remember I am not a patient man. When you finish your research, we can discuss anything you wish.”

My body begins to tingle at the thought of this man doing the things to me that I saw on the computer. Even though I am afraid, there is an air of excitement that goes along with it. I already know that there is absolutely nothing I won’t do for him.

He is my Dom and I will be his Sub.

Slide Notes: My punishment


My punishment

He walks around to the front of the desk with the paddle by his side, a look of pure lust on his face. He comes around to stand in front of me and commands me to look at him. As I look up at him through my lashes, a small evil smirk plays on his lips. As I rise from my chair, my legs are weak with anticipation. He tells me to bend over and touch my toes. I look at him, turn my body around and bend over placing my hands on the tips of my shoes. He takes a quick, sharp breath as he stands behind my waiting ass. He reaches over to place his hand in the small of my back to steady my body. I hear the whoosh of the paddle as he brings it down across my ass. I close my eyes to absorb and enjoy the pleasure.

As soon as the paddle strikes my ass, I feel warmth spread over my backside. I hear, rather than see, the smile that crosses his lips as he lets out an appreciative groan. He tells me that my infraction has warranted two smacks instead of the normal one. I answer with a resounding “Yes sir”. As I say the words, I hear him rake another sharp, shallow breath at the sound of the words I uttered. He draws back the paddle for a second smack, and this time the smack is much harder than the first. The enjoyment I feel, at not only the sound but the actual smack, is indescribable.

After my punishment is over, I turn to face him. He is smiling the most breathtaking smile I have ever seen that makes my legs go weak. He lays the paddle on his desk, and reaches up to softly brush my cheek with his hand. His touch is indescribable. It stirs in my soul feelings I have not had before. He smiles at me, pulling my chin up so that I have to look into his eyes. I see in them…acceptance and pride. He gently kisses my forehead saying, “Good girl. That was amazing. Thank you.” Hearing those words my heart skips a beat and my breathing increases. “This is going to be fun. I’ve always wanted a submissive. Will you be mine?” he asks. I look at him confused and say, “I’m not sure what you mean Mr. Rayburn.” He glares at me and says, ” You will address me as Sir or Master.” I look up at him innocently and say, “Yes Master.” A look of pure ecstasy crosses his face.

I know why I was put on this wretched Earth… be a Submissive.

Mr. Rayburn


He was the physical embodiment of a Greek god in human form with the classic inverted triangle upper body, auburn colored hair and eyes as blue as the ocean. He was 6’3″ of pure unadulterated sin on legs, and the first day of Physical Ed. his appearance took my breath away. I was never one for group activities, but this class was different. I don’t know if it was that I was physically attracted to Mr. Rayburn, or if it was the possibility of punishment. There was an instant connection between Mr. Rayburn and me.

The first encounter with this type of punishment occurred one day while we were enduring our daily game of basketball. Again, I hated group activities and I had an intolerance for stupid fuckers. This school was co-ed; therefore, all classes consisted of males and females, even Physical Ed. This particular day, one of my male classmates decided that it would be funny to elbow me in the face while I was guarding him. I fell to the floor, my nose dripping blood. He and his friends thought it was hilarious. I calmly got up, wiped the blood from my nose and walked over to him. He was not prepared for what happened next…as I drew back my fist and hit him with all the power I had in my petite body. He fell to the floor, his nose bleeding profusely. The look of shear terror on his face made my heart race with excitement.

Mr. Rayburn rushed over to the crowd that had gathered around us. He pushed through the crowd, looked at us both and sent us to the office. The fucker I hit got off with a warning, but me I got exactly what I wanted…punishment. Mr. Rayburn asked why I had punched the other kid, so I gave him the spill. He smiled and told me that fighting was unacceptable, for any reason. The smile that played on his lips gave me butterflies in my stomach. He was going to enjoy this as much as I was. He took the paddle out of the top right drawer of his desk, it was a sight of perfection that made me take a quick, shallow breath.

I knew what was coming next…..

The Beginning…..


My life as a child was…uneventful. I grew up in a conventional home with normal parents. I was always a mischievous child therefore, I got into a lot of trouble. My parents were not prepared for a headstrong child like me. They were great parents, but, they didn’t know how to handle me. It was a daily struggle for them trying to figure out how to keep me in line. You see, pain was extremely pleasurable for me. I actually enjoyed being spanked so much, that I would deliberately misbehave in order to be punished.

There was nothing my parents could do, I thrived on the sense of pleasure that any physical punishment would bring. When I became a teenager, things got a lot worse, so they enrolled me in a Catholic high school, hoping that would help to teach me how to be a good girl. But, little did they know just what a favor that was to me.

When I discovered that they used paddles in Catholic school for punishment, I became even more defiant. I would disobey nearly every rule to get paddled. The feel of the hard, wooden board across my ass was pure joy. My entire body began to crave the sensation that I felt when a paddle was used for punishment, and I only ached for more. And, if one lick wasn’t enough, which it usually wasn’t, I would talk back even more to my teachers just so they would hit me again. The harder the swat, the more pleasure I felt. I was in heaven.

I determined quickly which teachers paddled the hardest, and those were the ones whose classes I misbehaved in the most. Mr. Rayburn quickly became favorite teacher, he hit the hardest. For some reason, he seemed to understand my need for punishment and the gratification that I felt from it. I soon discovered that he enjoyed the act of paddling almost as much as I enjoyed being paddled. After some time had passed, we became close, too close for a teacher student relationship. We had a sort of… unspoken arrangement. I would deliberately piss him off, and he would reward me with a stern paddling. Not that I had to necessarily anger him to receive any punishment, it just became a little game that we’d play when class was boring. I didn’t know at the time just what part Mr. Rayburn would eventually play in my life.

But, as fate would have it, he became my first Dominant, and I his first Submissive.